Sponsorship Guide

Would you like to help build and support the Elixir community in Montreal? We are looking for event sponsors to help with giveaways, food, and drinks. Event sponsors receive the following benefits:

At the event

  1. An announcement of appreciation for your sponsorship at the beginning of the meet-up.

  2. Logo on the event's welcome presentation slide displayed on the venue's visual system (projector or monitor), before and after presentations.

  3. Priority to make an announcement in the "Open Announcements" section of the meet-up. Any announcement may be a company pitch, communicating job offerings or a product demo.


  1. Your company name and link to your website on the event announcement posted on Meetup.com.

  2. Your logo and link to your website on Meetup.com for up to one year.

  3. A tweet of appreciation one day after the event from the Montreal Elixir Twitter account.

  4. Logo included in opening credits of recorded presentations posted on YouTube.

How to Sponsor

Please contact us at sponsorship dot montrealelixir.ca to discuss event sponsorship. The Montreal Elixir community greatly appreciates your support!

Some examples:

  • providing the venue for the meetups

  • cost of food

  • cost of refreshments

  • cost of web site hosting (Heroku)

  • video production

  • books and/or subscriptions

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