Presentations Guide

The monthly meet-up provides you an opportunity to share you passion, knowledge and experiences with other members of the group. There are four suggested formats you can choose from:

1. Full-Presentation

  • ~30-40 mins in length (aim for a ~30 minute talk, allowing ~10 minutes for questions)

  • Great for prepared presenters

2. Demi-presentation

  • ~15-20 mins (aim for a ~15 minute talk, allowing ~5 minutes for questions)

  • Great for presenters that want to share, but don't have the time to prepare a longer presentation

3. Code and Tell

  • ~15-20 mins (aim for a ~15 minute talk, allowing ~5 minutes for questions)

  • Present a casual walk-through of code from an application or library you have written

  • Great for coders who do not wish to prepare a formal presentation

4. Lightning talk

  • 5 mins maximum (questions depending on time available)

  • Great opportunity for first time presenters

After the presentation, members will be given the opportunity to ask you questions. You may also answer questions one-on-one after your presentation, as an alternative to answering questions in front of the group if you prefer.

Preparing your presentations

There are many good resources available on preparing for your presentation. Gary Bernhardt's How to prepare a talk is an example. If you think there are additional resources that would be helpful to include in this Guide, please create an issue with your suggestion.

Booking your presentation

Please message one of the organizers on to notify them that you would like to present and for which month. Within two weeks of the meet-up, we would need to know:

  • Presentation format (full, demi, lightning)

  • Title and description

  • Your biography (1-2 sentences)

  • Twitter handle

  • Can the talk be recorded

  • Open to questions in the group

  • Adapter requirements for HDMI connection (if required)

On the Night

Before you present, please ensure you have completed the tasks in the Presenters Checklist. These tasks will ensure your presentation goes smoothly - and who doesn't want that!

Recording your presentation

If you provide permission, your presentation will be recorded and posted to YouTube using Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. The recording includes a visual of you presenting along with your presentation slides.

Suggested topics

Would you like to present, but need a topic? Here are some suggestions:

Elixir facets

Elixir experiences

More general topics

Presentation Support

We're here to help! Presenting in front of a group can be a nerve-racking experience. We've been there! But with the right support it can be a great experience and a professional accelerator. Please contact the organizers on Some of the ways we can help are:

  • discussing topic ideas

  • sharing our experiences presenting

  • finding options for making your presentation experience less intimidating

  • being available for dry-runs

Just let us know!

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