Contributing to the community

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the Montreal Elixir community.

Running meetups

We also need help with running monthly meetups. Listed below are the different roles and their responsibilities.

Event Organizer

A person responsible for the preparation of the event. This typically begins as soon as the last event is over and involves:
    communicating the event on and
    managing the event using an issue on GitHub​
    coordinating with the venue sponsor
    coordinating with the refreshments sponsor
    contacting and confirming the presenters via messaging and ensure all
    ​presentation details have been collected


A person responsible for hosting the event. This involves:
    introducing and welcoming newcomers
    communicating venue related information
    presenting the event schedule
    introducing each presenter

Community Advocate

A person responsible for promoting ideas and resources that are helpful to community members. This involves a short presentation (~10 mins) at the meetup, but includes on-going communication through social media channels such as Twitter. Items that maybe of interesting to the community include:
    introduction to newcomers of assets are available; e.g. website, YouTube, etc
    updates to the community website or issues that need to be addressed
    new resources such as books and screencast
    blog posts of specific interest
    news about up-coming events


A person responsible for recording presentations. For more information see the guide. This involves:
    setting-up equipment; e.g. sound checks
    recording presentations
    providing footage to the video producer

Video Producer

A person responsible for producing and publishing recordings of the presentations. For more information see the guide. This involves:
    producing the videos in ScreenFlow​
    uploading videos to YouTube along
    with adding description and tags
    announcing their availability on and Twitter
A person/company responsible for providing a venue and/or covering the cost of refreshments.
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